Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him | 2018 Edition

Hi beauties, I'm back with another Valentine's day gift guide and this time is for the man in your life! Guys can be kinda tricky to shop for, so I usually try to find items that are most practical - things that he can for sure use on the regular. In each of the categories below, I've found items that are suitable for different relationship stages that you may be in (i.e. newly dating, stable long term relationship and newly weds).

If you still need to get your girlfriend or your bestie(s) a Valentine's Day gift, click here for the ladies gift guide!



If you guys are freshly dating, something simple and a little more casual such as an iPad case, phone case, water bottle would probably do the job. If your man is someone who works out all year around, these Merino Thermal Tights from Outdoor Voices would be perfect for him. They're made from a breathable and heat-regulating fabric. These tights will keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. They're perfect for any sweaty activities from hiking to skating. As long as you know their pants size, you can pretty much get these for him in any stage of your relationship. And if you feel like splurging a little on your lover, you can always get him a nice new pair of sunglasses



If your man is a busy businessman or is someone that can make use of a journal, this Modena A4 Journal with Portable Charger would be a perfect fit for him. I mean how awesome is it that a journal has a built in power bank that provides up to 150% extra battery for electronic devices. Next up we got a Nest cam. This is probably most suitable for those of you who are newly weds as you can use this cam not only for security, but also as a baby monitor. And finally I found this sleek and minimal dock by Native Union. I'm sure most people wouldn't mind receiving this well designed practical gift. 


Home Goods

I came across this Hyper Chiller on the internet the other day and thought it'd be a great gift for those who loves cold drinks. It can turn hot coffee into perfect ice coffee within 1 minute, I mean that's pretty awesome right? The next item I found is a pair of shoe freshener. Now, this gift is probably best to get if you guys are in a long term relationship or are married. If you guys are freshly dating, you wouldn't want them to think that you think they smell right? lol Relating to shoes, if your lover is a sneakerhead, these sneaker boxes would perfect for him. These boxes got UV protection panels, which prevent sunlight discolouration and I'm sure he'd love even more for that. Lastly, if he loves his whiskey, add this lovely whiskey glasses set to the home bar. 



Since turntables have been back in trend these recent years, get him his favourite record. If he is the type of man that loves taking care of his skin, spoil him with AESOP's Affiliation Grooming Kit. And if your man enjoys cooking or even better if the both of you enjoy cooking, get a single or 20 exclusive video cooking lessens from Gordon Ramsay. Maybe your man or the both of you can use one of Ramsay's fancy recipes to whip up a delicious Valentine's day meal!

I hope this list is useful to you!
What are you planning to get your man this year? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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