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(*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me, however all opinions are 100% genuine & my own.)

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I've always loved personalized things, that's why it was easy for me to say yes to CaseApp when they reached out to me to design my own tech device covers. CaseApp is an online store that allows you to custom design your own cover(s) for your tech devices (i.e. cellphones and laptops). CaseApp offers the following three types of cases: Extra Tough Case - made with a hard case with a silicone lining under it
(only available for iPhones), Regular Case (available for iPhones, Samsung Phones and iPads) and Skin - an adhesive sticker that protects your devices from scratches (available for different brands of cellphones, iPads and laptops).

How to design:

1. Select the type of device you want to design the case / skin for.
2. Choose a pre-made design from the site or design your own.
3. Order & wait for it to arrive in your mailbox!

The 2 cases I designed:

Polkad0tsBeauty - CaseApp iPad Skin

Customized iPad Skin

My cellphone was the first thing I thought of getting a customized case for. However CaseApp didn't offer cases or skins for LG phones, so I opt for my iPad. At the time that I did this, I didn't realize that there were cases for iPads or else I would have gone with that option rather than a skin cover. 

Being someone who loves to create & design, of course I had to design my own cover. Apart from my obsession with all things marble, I also have love for geometric pattern & things. Since I wanted something original, I went on Google, searched and saved a few geometric wallpapers I loved. After previewing how the wallpapers would look on an iPad skin from the website, I decided on this pastel one (the one in the photo). And to make it more personalized, I added my blog name on it! 


Customized MacBook Skin

I've always wanted a personalized cover for my MacBook, so it was a no brainer for me to opt for a MacBook Skin. Same as my iPad, I wanted to created something original for my MacBook. It took me awhile to decide on this one, since I wasn't feeling any of the wallpapers/images I found on Google. Then I recalled having this peachy pink and gold wallpaper in my hard drive and decided to preview it on the website - I loved it! I've been loving peachy pink and gold tones for years and I'm so happy to be able to put it on my laptop along with my blog name!

Polkad0tsBeauty - CaseApp Mac Book Skin

My Thoughts:

I think the website is pretty user friendly.  I love how you have the option to use their pre-made templates for the covers or to make one completely from scratch. They also have pre-made single images and quotes on the website that you can easily add on to the background that you choose, which I think it's pretty convenient. Plus, I think their pre-made templates, images and quotes are actually pretty cute! 

Now let's talk about their skins. I can't provide any opinion on their cases since I only got skins. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first because I was pretty scared that the adhesive stickers would leave residue on my devices. However, it actually doesn't and it can be peeled off easily enough that you are able to change your cover whenever you want! The down side of course is that these adhesive stickers don't provide any protection for your devices, in turn you would need to purchase an additional laptop sleeve or a clear case to go on top of it - if you want the protection. 

Overall, I'd recommend CaseApp if you're someone that likes to change their tech covers often. it's definitely fun to be able to create something that nobody has and incorporate your own personality in it or to get a pattern that's hard to find. However, if you're looking for a case to actually protect your laptop, then you might want to look elsewhere or purchase extra protection as I mentioned above. But for iPhone users, I think it's worth a try since they offer Extra Tough Cases for you guys!



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