Spring 2017 Nail Trends

Nail art is like an accessory to your outfits. A change of colour or nail art can give your look a different vibe. Just like fashion trends, nail trends vary from season to season. Here are some of my favourite ones that have been spotted from spring 2017 runway shows and ones that I'd definitely rock!


The New French

We all know how the normal french manicure looks like. It's simple and it goes well with any dressy outfits. Well, this spring we are amping it up a notch and making this classic nail look much more fashionable.

To get this look at home, you can pretty much use tape to tape off a thick diagonal line at the tip of your nail. Then paint a clear, nude or light pink coat on the bottom part of your nail (I usually do 2 coats). Let it dry, peel off the tape and paint a white or a colour coat on the remaining part of your nail (again, I'd do 2 coats). If you don't feel confident painting the remaining part free hand, you can use tape to tape over the painted part of your nail - just make sure it's dried first. After all your nails are dried, paint a top coat - that would close up any gaps between the 2 colours and make it look smooth.



Neutrals are one of my favourite nail shade to wear - it's definitely my go-to shade. You can wear it on any given day of the year because they just go with absolutely anything! 

This spring, if you feel for more of a playful look - you can try adding lines (similar to ones in the photo) on top of the neutral coat. It gives out a cute and fun vibe and can be worn on any regular day as well.

Bright Pic.png

Bright Colours

When we think of spring nail colours, pastels would probably be the first set of colours that come in mind, but bright colours wouldn't be too far behind! They are perfect transitioning colours for spring to summer. They're such fun and playful colours. They'd be perfect to wear on any regular day - unless you work in a formal attire environment, then I wouldn't recommend this. But, hey - you can still wear it on the weekends and join in the fun!




Burgundy usually comes out during fall and winter, but you'll definitely be seeing more of the colour this spring! Most of the ones that were spotted on the runway had a glossy finish, which gives out a fresher look - making it more suitable for the season. 

Burgundy generally gives out a sexy and sophisticated vibe. It'd perfect for dinner dates and most dressy settings!






Metallics are like statement necklaces, but on finger nails. I love playing with them! They're bold, stylish and definitely a new thing for spring. But, they're not always easy to wear since they don't match all colours of clothing. Through the past few years, I've played with metallic gold, silver and dark silver on my nails. For starters, the easiest way to ensure they match your outfits is to wear a white or black top. For spring purposes, you can try matching your metallic nails with different light shades of clothing (i.e. light pink, blush and nudes).

If you're shy to try such bold colours on a regular day, metallics are suitable to wear on special occasions such as a friend's birthday, a concert or even to brunch or dinner dates with your girl friends! 


Embellished Cuticles

These are so pretty, they have such a sweet feminine vibe to them. And I love how minimal they are. They're usually created with a clear, neutral or a light pink base and finished off with gold glitter painted literally on top of the cuticles. They'd go perfectly well with a silky white blouse and a pair of jeans!



Grey Scale

Greys are like a different version of neutrals - they can match most pieces easily just like them. I personally love pastel grey. While darker greys give out a little more of an edgy vibe, the lavender tone from the pastel gives out a feminine and chic vibe. This spring, you'll be seeing different grey nail art styles - from plain greys to sheer wash of greys. And each of the different styles will definitely give out a different vibe to your look.


Graphic Art

If you got long nails, these graphic arts would probably look amazing on you since there's more space to play with. There're no rules when it come to graphic art. You can give it a minimal chic look like the white grid nails shown in the photo or go with a bright, fun and creative look. The options are endless and I love how it allows you to be as creative as you want!


Which one is your favourite? And which ones would you love to try this season?

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading! Have a wonderful Tuesday!