That's The Kind of Service I'm Talking About! | The Keg

Hi everyone! I don't normally do posts like this, however the service we received this past Saturday was so good that I wanted to share my experience here with you guys!

That's The Kind of Service I'm Talking About | The Keg.png

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to The Keg for dinner. We've been there before and there had never been any issues in the past. On a normal day, restaurants would serve appetizers shortly after diners had their bread and butter. Since we were having a good chat, we didn't notice that our appetizers were taking awhile, until we noticed a table that was seated later than us got their appetizers first. At first we gave it a benefit of the doubt and thought maybe their appetizers were just much more easier to prepare, so we went on with our conversation. Minutes kept passing by and that other table even got their entrées, while we were still waiting for our appetizer. In total, we waited about an hour to get our appetizer. Needless to say, we weren't that pleased with the timing.

However, this issue was handled professionally and very well by both the waitress and the manager. During the one hour wait, the waitress noticed that our appetizer was taking a while and made the initiation to come up to us to address that and inform us that she would check up on our order. Then she came back, apologized and followed up with us, letting us know that the ticket was actually misplaced - hence the delay. Later on, the manager himself came with our appetizer, also apologized to us and ensured that the rest of our stay would be enjoyable. He checked up on us afterwards and also served us our entrées. While we only expected our appetizer to be written off on our bill, the manager informed us that our entire meal would be free and that we can add desserts to our order if we wanted to. 

I originally didn't order any desserts because I was trying to eat relatively healthier, however when I saw the dessert menu I couldn't resist and ordered a crème brûlée (one of my favs). To my surprise, the crème brûlée was delicious - I haven't found such a good crème brûlée yet in Toronto and this was comparable to one I love in Montréal. 

Though we stayed an extra hour more than we wanted to, the effort of them making things better was appreciated. Plus, their food didn't disappoint. In my opinion, they surely made up for what happened and the rest of our stay was enjoyable. It showed how much they value their customers and definitely kept their reputation. 

Have you ever had any exceptional service experiences? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below, I'd love to read all about it!

Thank you so much for reading. Have an amazing week ahead!

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