Stocking Stuffer Ideas for HIM | 2016 Edition

Welcome back to part two of my yearly stocking stuffer guide beauties! As you can tell by the title, I'm going to share some stocking stuffer ideas for HIM in this post - so let's get into it!

*Note: To make things easier for you, I've linked the products' direct links to the pictures below! Majority of the links are not affiliated links.

Velvet Accessories
So, my love for all things velvet extends to men's wear. Velvet is also in trend for men this year and I'm particularly loving those velvet blazers, which by the way would be a great gift idea if you're not doing stocking stuffers! Anyways, back to topic - velvet accessories would be perfect fashion forward pieces to add into those stockings. He doesn't even have to be a fashionista. Anyone that needs to dress up for work can rock a velvet tie during the winter months because something about the material just makes it suitable the season. Below are a few velvet pieces that I think would be suitable for most guys.

It's likely that we prefer to stay indoors during the winter months, especially for those of you who live in a cold climate such as myself. This also means that pajamas/lounge wear would come in handy during this period of time. Here are a few comfy pajamas/lounge wear and a few festive ones that he might just like.

Whether he actually enjoys reading or simply just uses books as references, there are many amazing book options out there for you to choose from. Is he interested in perfecting his cooking skills or does he simply just want to gain more knowledge in the finance/business field or is he the type that's always up to date with the latest fashion trends? Well, regardless of which category he may fit in, let me try to help you narrow your book options down. Below are some top rated books in different categories, from entrepreneurial books all the way to sports related books and fictions - hopefully this mini book guide helps! (Please note: most of them should fit in a regular sized stocking)

Socks are worn all year round and they need to be replaced from time to time, so this would definitely be a practical gift. And who doesn't like a practical gift?! Whether you want to get him a pair that's thick and festive for the holiday season or just a pair of stylish socks suitable for office wear, I got just the options for you! Side note: if you didn't read my previous post (Stocking Stuffer Ideas for HER | 2016 Edition), I talked about Good Luck Sock's Sock of the Month Club. Check it out, it might be  something you'd be interested in!

Headphones are something that would always come in handy at one point or another, especially for those who commute via public transit to school or work. So, get him a pair of good quality headphones that's fun and stylish!

Movie (Blu-ray or DVD)
Getting his favourite movie would definitely make the stocking much more personalized. But, only you would know which his favourite movie is or what type of movies he's into. Hopefully you found this idea useful.

Card Holder
Most guys don't carry too much cash or coins around, so a simple card holder would usually be sufficient for them. You don't always have to splurge to get a stylish or a classy looking one, but of course that's your choice. So, I've put a list of card holders together with their prices ranging from low to high.

Fitness Tracker
With all the upcoming festivities and holiday meals, it's easy to gain a couple of pounds. However, having a fitness tracker device on hand might help motivate and encourage one to stay fit and healthy. Fitness trackers can get pricey, but there are ones that are priced as low as $10. Here's a list of the latest fitness trackers ranging from a low to high price. 

I hope this stocking stuffer gift guide was helpful. If you have any other gift ideas, please feel free to share them below - I'd love to hear from you! Thank you so much for reading and dropping by. Have a wonderful Sunday and happy holiday shopping!