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Hi beauties! My name is Joanna. I am the founder & content creator of and a part time YouTuber based in Toronto, Canada. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada and moved to Toronto on my own about 6 years ago in hopes of getting better job opportunities in the financial field. With the down time that I have living on my own - in a brand new city, I finally decided to start my own blog and YouTube Channel - something that I had been wanting to do, but was afraid to start during my university years. 

I had always loved doing artsy things ever since I was a kid (i.e. painting and DIY-ing things). This probably lead to my interest for fashion, styling, home decorating and photography (pretty much anything to do with creativity), which has increased tremendously through my university years till now (my late 20's). I enjoy playing with different colours, patterns, shapes and materials in creating my own personal style. I'm so glad that I took the courage to start this blogging journey and now I'm able to share my passion and connect with amazing people (like you)!